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Analyse the ways that the director builds suspense and scares the audience in the film JAWS

After the horrifying release of Steven Spielberg's classic ‘Jaws', the word has since then been associated with the monstrous killer in the ocean, the 20 foot great white, teeth covered in the flesh of an unsuspecting victim, swimming in a pool of blood. Steven Spielberg uses a variety of tricks and techniques to build suspense. Different camera angles, zooms, music and many other ways are used by Spielberg to create the tense atmosphere that is Jaws. These tricks and techniques all helped steady the bricks of Spielberg's masterpiece. Without these techniques, the impact that Jaws had imprinted upon the audience would not have been present. These tricks and techniques will be critically analysed to see how they had been used so efficiently to create an unwavering tower of suspense and drama. Jaws is set in the beautiful tranquil island of Amity. The air is calm and peaceful. Kids can be seen in the distant, splashing up and down in the deep blue ocean. You can see the tension relax as people lie in the hot summer sand, eyes drifting into their own world. Amity Island: the perfect holiday. However, the serene atmosphere is twisted apart when the ‘jaws' of a Great White appears. After the merciless deaths of four people, our protagonist, Chief Brody, must take action to stop the murderous beast from feeding once more upon the people of amity. Teamed with the marine biologist Matt Hooper and the crazed fisherman, Quint, they must set off to hunt down the Great White. Jaws is set on Independence Day, a national American holiday on the 4th of July. This was the day that the US formally adopted the Declaration of Independence from the UK. This would make the perfect scenario for Jaws. Teamed with the hot summer weather typical of July and the bustling holiday, the beach created the perfect scene for a Great White shark to attack. People would gather at the beach, the mood would be joyful. One Great White shark and the chaos that would form would be uncontrollable Music plays an important role in Jaws. Without the music, the suspense would all break down. Steven Spielberg uses music in a special way. He links a certain piece of music to the shark, which essentially becomes the sharks theme. Whenever this theme is played, the audience's first thoughts would be of the shark. The audience is in constant caution of the shark's presence, not knowing when or if it actually will attack. This not only creates suspense, but also creates the fear of knowing that the shark is most likely present. However, with this, Spielberg can also create false alarms. Due to the fact that the music is affiliated to the shark, the music can be used to create the illusion of an attack when there is nothing. This creates doubts in the audience's mind, who were sure that there would have been an attack. This also creates tension because of the fact that Spielberg can then surprise the audience with an actual shark attack. The main theme is also really simple; just two notes, forming something similar to a ‘duh dah' sound. With this simple rhythm, Spielberg can increase the speed of the two notes creating a faster sense of suspense and danger. Spielberg makes the notes fade into the scene as a ‘non-diegetic' sound. This means that the sound is present outside of the scene, only detectable by the audience and not the characters. Because it is non diegetic, only the audience will hear the theme, thus making them more nervous/tensed due to the fact that the characters remain clueless of the fate that may await them. The music starts of slow. It speeds up as the action gets more intense and it halts suddenly. The audience will have no idea what is going to happen. At this stage, Spielberg does two things. Create a false alarm, and nothing happens or he makes an attack. The audience will not know whether it will be an attack or a feint, which is why the music is so effective. What is also effective is the lack of music. Or any sounds at all. This creates a sense of emptiness. The lack of any non-diegetic sounds mixed with diegetic sounds such as the screaming of a victim creates a sense of fear. We hear it not as an audience, but from the ears of the victim, which is what scares us the most. Diegetic sounds are also used by Spielberg. Diegetic sounds are sounds outside the scene. These could include many things such as the waves crashing, the chatter of the characters or the music playing in the scene such as an instrument or radio. With this, we can feel the emotions/feelings of the character in more depth, because we are hearing what they hear, not something created outside the scene. But what may also be effective are camera techniques. These can be camera shots that are moving, still, from a certain angle or even from the perspective of someone/thing in the scene. Camera techniques are used most efficiently in an action scene, such as in the first attack with the young girl called Chrissy. This scene starts off with the camera focusing on the whole group of teenagers. We can hear the Diegetic sounds such as guitars, the waves and even the crackling of the fire. The young girl, Chrissy, and a young boy move away from the scene. The camera follows them. Soon, they arrive at the oceans end. The camera isn't clear and the scene is dark. This creates a relaxed but mysterious atmosphere. The young girl goes into the ocean as the boy is getting ready to go in. The camera then focuses on the young girl in the ocean. As we see her swimming, suddenly, a certain theme appears causing tension. This theme is the theme that symbolizes the shark. It starts off lightly, as the girl is still swimming, unwary of any dangers. Soon, the music becomes faster and louder. The camera angle then changes. It appears under the water. We see the view from the camera from under the water to above, as if it were from the perspective of something. Soon, the audience realizes that there is something in the water, which is the shark. We see from the shark's POV as it gets closer to the young girl, the tempo of the music gets louder and faster. And soon, the shark is near attacking distance of the girl. Suddenly, the camera goes above water and points at the lone girl, swimming. All non-diegetic sounds stop, as we hear only the waves and the girl. And then, all of a sudden, we see the girl pulled down. We hear just the screams, which causes a greater sense of fear. The girl struggles, only to show and flatter the strength of the shark. The girl is then pulled under the water and all of a sudden, the screams disappear. All we can hear are the waves. The camera then becomes still, pointing at the distance in the ocean. All is silent apart from the waves. All this is to emphasize what had just happened, as all we can think about is the scene that had just occurred, as the camera movement is still, pointing to ‘nothingness'; just the plain ocean. The sun then rises, symbolizing the time passing. What we need to realize is not once was the attacker, the shark, shown in clear view. All we saw was the view from the eyes of the shark, and the view of the young girl being attacked from something cloaked by the ocean. This is to create more fear in the shark and create more tension. The second attack is against a young child called Alex. In this scene, we are at a lively beach. There is a happy atmosphere. We can hear children playing, water splashing, waves crashing. It's a fast pace. However, we know something is going to go wrong. We see chief Brody on the beach. His worried face and constant suspicions create fear and tension in our minds, thinking about the shark. Chief Brody's fear deeply contrasts with the whole beach's excitement, creating unwariness in the scene, due to the main focus being on Brody and the outside focus being on the beach. Brody, being on the constant lookout, is being cautious of every single detail, causing great exaggeration in small details. This creates suspense, as we don't know what will happen due to all the false alarms that go on in this scene. We see a wide shot on all of the people in the ocean. Chief Brody is paranoid, causing the smallest things to seem as if they have a large effect. The first example of this is the girl screaming. This scream causes the audience to become paranoid due to the contrast in Brody and the atmosphere. Brody is distracted, causing him to become more anxious to see what was going on. However, the scream was meaningless, which was the first false alarm. The second false alarm was the old man and woman. The old man swam underneath the water and slowly rose, causing Chief Brody to think it was a shark, only to be relieved and slightly frustrated at the fact that it was just a person. This all creates a sense of unpreparedness to the actual attack due to the false alarms. The false alarms create a feeling of reassurance. Chief Brody's wife starts to relax him, allowing him to ease his paranoia of the shark. Then suddenly, the atmosphere changes. The familiar music plays. The disappearance of a dog into the water highly implies that something is there. The audience is now aware of something being there, however, Brody is unfocused and the whole beach has now idea what was going to happen. And all of a sudden, as the theme gradually becomes louder and faster, the camera shot goes underneath. The POV is now from the sharks. We see several vulnerable children from under the ocean, their legs sticking out. However, the shark goes closer and closer to a single person. As the shark goes closer, the music speeds up and tension rises. And soon, the shark attacks. The people on the beach have no idea what's going on, and the sudden atmosphere change causes a chaos. Brody notices too late. Soon, everyone evacuates, however, one person is still searching desperately for someone. As the scene ends, a young boy's life jacket appears on the shore and the camera focuses on it completely, torn and slightly covered in red. The audience realizes that whoever owned that jacket was the victim. The shark is the main object of fear in Jaws. It appears out of nowhere, shocking the audience. The fact that it doesn't show the shark directly creates uneasiness and a feeling of defencelessness. It makes it seem menacing that it attacks, creeping through where no one can see it. The unusual size and the intimidating pictures that are shown to study the shark creates a scary image, due to the fact that the actual shark itself isn't shown until later. And the music, it creates a sort of stealth for the shark. If the music is on, the shark is assumed to be there. If the music is not on, the shark is not assumed to be there. The false alarms were all created for one purpose, the real attack. The false alarms led to the audience easing up, but then to be surprised by the actual attack. Near the end of the film, the jetty used to capture the shark is small and unstable. Compared to the shark, it is miniscule. The phrase ‘we're going to need a bigger boat' said by Brody shows that it's in vulnerable to the shark's giant size. It isn't sufficient enough. The feeling of breaking down and falling into the ocean, where you are practically food for the shark creates suspense. It could break down any time. Overall, Jaws was an excellent film and the techniques by Steven Spielberg completed it. The scariest parts were no doubt, the unpredictable shock. They came out of nowhere and broke apart the suspense with no warning. The film was a big success and appealed to me greatly.

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General Adaptation Syndrome

The steps of the general adaptation syndrome that I would experience are alarm reaction, which is the body’s initial response to any stressors. This reaction mobilizes or arouses the body in preparation to defend itself against a stressor. This reaction involves a number of body changes, which are initiated by the brain and further regulated by the endocrine system and the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system. The next stage of the general adaptation syndrome I would experience is the resistance stage. This stage occurs if the stressor, which initiated the alarm reaction, is not dealt with. The body is attempting to restore the lost energy and repair the bodily damage. The final stage of the general adaptation syndrome that I would experience is the exhaustion stage. If stressors are still not dealt with, the body becomes exhausted, muscles become fatigued, and the body is then depleted of the resources required for combating stress. The emotional effects will make each day intolerable and filled with dread. I could experience anger towards my co-workers, as I filled overwhelmed. Experience depression, as an overwhelming feeling of failure, and prolonged stress of my job. The cognitive effects of stress will inhibit my thinking patterns, my ability to focus, and impair my memory and problem solving ability. The effects of the continuing stress on my health could potentially be deadly. Stress will weaken my immune system. The continued stress will increase my heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension. I will suffer from headaches, an increased risk of blood clotting, allergies, hives, or heart disease. To effectively deal with the stress of this new position, some techniques I would use would be writing down the different sources throughout my day. Relaxation training and biofeedback training, evaluate what changes in attitude and behavior will need to be made in order to get the most out of my life. I will seek support from family and friends, to determine if the new position is a benefit to me, or if it is potentially to much stress, for me to commit to taking on.

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Analysis on “Porphyria’s Lover” by Robert Browning Essay

In â€Å"Porphyria’s Lover†, Robert Browning dramatically builds intensity and exhibits the decline in the situation’s stability to express the impending doom of the characters’ love. The enigmatic tone suggests the fear in the lover’s heart would soon overcome him – the fear of the destiny of their forbidden love. Throughout the poem, Browning intensifies the situation indicated by each narrative shift. There are several instances of this which correspond to a new action or a fresh point of view. In line twenty-one, the transition from â€Å"me† to â€Å"she† occurs at the hyphen, indicating a new look on the situation. Before the hyphenated shift, the poem was a completely factual account of the actions taking place; it was storming, Porphyria came inside, she sat down next to her â€Å"lover† and then at the hyphen, the speaker begins analyzing the situation and interpreting her words. This creates suspense because it places the control of the poem into the hands of her lover. The second shift occurs between lines thirty-nine and forty-one. This is, perhaps, the most electrifying and suspenseful point in the poem. Preceding this narrative shift, a sense of discordance was barely present between the two characters. This is noticed when Porphyria attempts to speak to her lover and â€Å"no voice relpl[ies]† (line 15). At the shift, the plot climactically intensifies when he strangles her to death. This horrifying action goes further to prove the presence of fear in the heart of the speaker. He could see no other reasonable course of action to take that would resolve their love’s predicament but to end it – with as little residual pain as possible. Simultaneously, the poet uses normally innocent and customary descriptions in a way that highlight the degradation of the situation at hand. When Porphyria entered the cottage, she â€Å"withdrew [her] dripping cloak and shawl, / and laid her soiled gloves by† (lines 11-12). This relatively common act reveals something greater about the situation. When she came out of the dark stormy night and took off her cloak, she ultimately opens herself up completely to her lover, but the dirt on her gloves indicate something is  wrong, something dark about their past. Even more, this act shows the confinement placed upon her from the outside world’s disappointment; however, with him, she feels comfortable and trusts him entirely. This is all foreshadowing to the horrific events yet to take place and how their â€Å"struggling passion† would soon be relieved. The devices reveal the backwards morals of the poem, the outcome of ill-destined love, and the fatal alteration of human behavior when tainted by passion and clouded with fear. The thrilling and constant addition of suspense along with the dissolving strength of the plot achieves the poet’s goal of creating a stunningly suspenseful rendition of a love story.

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Chapter 5 Case Study 1 Essay

1. What do you think some possible drawbacks from recruiting from social network site might be? Some possible drawbacks from recruiting from social network site may be that it opens up the possibility for hackers to commit fraud and launch spam and virus attacks. It also can increases the risk of people falling prey to online scams that seem genuine, resulting in data or identity theft. 2. What other sources of applicants might work just as well or better than social networking sites? Other sources of applicants that can work just as well or better than social networking sites if being done internally is transfers, promotions, and re-employment of ex-employees. If the process is being held externally then it can be advertisement, can go through employment agencies, educational institutions, recommendations, and many more. 3. Do you think social networking sites could be used to hire talent aboard? Why or Why not? Social networking sites could be used to hire talent aboard because it expands the company globally and helps them to communicate effectively. Hiring abroad, you are facilitating their desire to be self-sufficient, helping them achieve their dreams, and contributing to the stability of immigrant neighborhoods and the most important point they are qualified and productive workers. Chapter 5 Case Study 1 1. What are some of the possible reasons Scott did not seek or receive advice from her immediate supervisor? Scott did not seek or receive advice from her immediate supervisor because she felt as if she was under qualified and that there were other employees with more skills and knowledge about the duty at hands. 2. After reviewing the chapter, suggest all possible ways that Scott can prepare herself for career advancement.

Markering launch for an international business (Nike) Assignment

Markering launch for an international business (Nike) - Assignment Example International business has, hence, become a modern jargon in the current epoch. It is the process of conducting business all over the world. Such business transactions include trading of services, goods, technology, capital and managerial knowledge between different economies (Brenner, 2013). The import and export related activities of a nation constitute its foreign trading affairs. International business expands the scope and scale of commercial activities in an economy. From the above figure, it can be stated that international trade or business has noticeably increased over time. The growth had slightly fallen during the global financial crisis of 2008. As a result, the volume of international trade has greatly influenced the external business environmental factors. Companies engaging in international business across diversified economies conduct commercial on large scales. The production and marketing strategies of these firms are globally established (Brenner, 2013). A multinational company helps to integrate the global economic system. In an international business process, the firm procures labour, finance and infrastructural services from different countries (Brenner, 2013). The process of foreign trade in dominated by companies belonging to developed rich countries. These countries possess productive resource reserves and high technological knowhow. These multinational organizations offer high prices to all the factor service owners, thereby leading the business realm in each country (Brenner, 2013). International business conducted by companies helps to enhance the employment opportunities wherein they operate (Brenner, 2013). Moreover, by providing diversified goods and services in the market, the process helps to improve living standards of the individuals therein. International business contributes towards augmenting the level of trading competition between participating countries.

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Answering the questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Answering the questions - Assignment Example Interviews entail a lot and it is necessary to transcribe everything beforehand such that during data preparation I would have everything down. This include, answers to all interview questions, body language of the interviewee and all the word classes used(Gall, Gall, & Borg, 2003). The coding of messages before an analysis is vital to qualitative content analysis. This is because slight differences in unit defining can lead to inaccurate decisions during coding(Gall, Gall, & Borg, 2003). Therefore, unit of analysis can be defined as the element of writing that is confidential during content analysis. An example is that during aninterview, an interviewee can use a word to describe his or her entire feeling. This is noted and not necessarily told to the interviewee but used during coding. In order to develop categories they have to be sourced. Sources of categories can be found in stipulated theories, related works or data taken during data preparation. In this phase inductive reasoning is used to generate theories while reasoning, inductive and deductive, are used to code schemes(Gall, Gall, & Borg, 2003). The coding scheme must be accurate as any mistake will lead to a different decision which will make all data wrong thus wrong findings and conclusions. Therefore, a test on the coding scheme must be done to test its authenticity(Creswell, 2007). This must be done very quickly to certify and develop the scheme for use on the data preparation. Consistency must be emphasized lest a mistake is done to ruin the whole data. After checking everything like coding authenticity and consistency and coding the whole text from the interview it is time to conclude. Write down findings which will have been developed through reconstructions of coded data. Implications will be made to rule out assumptions. Finally, after concluding the findings and writing the down the

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Gis mobile Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Gis mobile - Essay Example â€Å"Outdoor enthusiasts, geocachers and anyone looking for adventure will love the eTrex. It combines intuitive, easy-to-use features and a rugged exterior into a lightweight package that is only 10 cm high and 5 cm wide. The result is a lightweight GPS navigator that will literally fit in the palm of your hand. You can operate your eTrex with just one hand using five buttons, which are located on either side of the eTrex within easy reach of your fingers. Thanks to its bright yellow case, the eTrex is easy to find in your boat or backpack. In addition, eTrex is IPX7 waterproof, so it can take an accidental splash or dunk in the water and continues to perform. One will notice that eTrex's 12-parallel channel GPS receiver locks onto satellite signals quickly and maintains accuracy, even in tough conditions. With eTrex, your adventure can last and last — up to 22 hours on just two AA batteries. While you roam, you can store up to 500 waypoints in memory for easy retrieval. Ju st enter the point you want to go to, and eTrex points you to your destination (no street or terrain maps). To get home, use Garmin's exclusive Trackback feature to reverse your track log and help you navigate back to your starting point† (, eTrex -). ... xamine the performance and accuracy in a specific area of Sliema in an effective way, these devices may come up with a question along with hypothesis. Collaboratively the group has decided on a question stating that the measurement of variability for satellite station amounts concluding that each individual GPS device implementation on various sample sites along with the features of whether the sample sites impede with the reception. AS GPS is defined as, â€Å"The Global positioning system is a satellite based radio navigation system provided by the United States department of defense. It provides unequalled accuracy and flexibility in positioning for navigation, surveying and GIS data collections. GPS is the shortened form of NAVSTAR GPS. This is an acronym for navigation systems with time and ranging global positioning system. One can easily locate oneself with respect to the objects that surround him and position oneself relative to them. But doing this in middle of a desert or in the middle of the ocean where there are no reference objects is a problem†. By considering these factors, we conclude that the hypothesis should highlight the expected expensive and high profile GPS receiver of Trimble Geo XH device. The device will facilitate to achieve increased amount of satellite stations at all the sites along with consistent rate of these satellites across the areas of sites. Although, analyzing the data we have collected until now in this initial stage, the hypothesis is turning out to be in correct in our case, therefore concluding that we have to analyze more. Day 2 In the second practical, we created a tourist map of Valletta with the illustration of places associated with war history in the town. The objective was to develop a multimedia illustration of