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Tapping Into The Content Community You Never Knew You Had

Coming up with a steady stream of engaging, high-quality content is essential for success. But there are times when your well starts to run dry. Research by the Content Marketing Institute shows that over half of marketers say their greatest challenge is creating enough content. So, when your flood of content ideas starts to become a trickle, the good news is that you can always turn to a broader content community for help. 1. Accept Guest Posts If your website has relatively high domain authority (DA), it shouldn’t be hard to find writers who are willing to write a guest post for you. Guest posting benefits both your website and the guest writer: you get quality content and the guest writer gains valuable exposure. Defining a set of guidelines up front that explain what you’re looking for and how the content will be used is essential to ensure everyone is happy with the outcome. 2. Conduct an Expert Interview Interviews with experts in your industry are another great way to come up with new content in a hurry. Respected experts have knowledge that your audience would love to soak up and they also help you make valuable connections. Be respectful of the interviewee’s time – do your research in advance so you’ll be armed with good questions and be flexible to do the interview in whatever format they prefer whether it’s via phone, Skype or email. 3. Curate Content Sharing great content by others can help you fill gaps in between your own content. Plenty of content marketers are taking advantage of this tactic with about a third saying they share curated content daily. When you share industry news or other relevant information with your audience, add your own comments or highlight critical points as these help boost your credibility and thought leadership. Customers are an often overlooked source of content. But if you can get your most enthusiastic customers to write a post for you or even write a review, it can carry a lot of weight with readers. Research shows that about 70% of shoppers consult customer reviews before they make a purchase. Consumers trust their peers, so what better way to add fresh content to your website than to share the words of a satisfied customer? If you want to take this idea to the next level, you can even put together a group of brand ambassadors who are in charge of posting social media updates and stories about your products. 5. Run a Contest Not all content is written: images and videos are equally valuable. Hosting a photo or video contest on your website can result in huge amounts of quality user-generated content that’s great for generating social-media buzz. Content is a Team Sport Well-performing, well-written content marketing doesn’t have to be a solo task. While your own content may be the foundation of your overall content strategy, sometimes involving others can go a long way to broadening your reach and diversifying your content mix.

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Mad About the Insanity Defense essays

Mad About the Insanity Defense essays Today in our legal system, there are many questionable defense tactics. They are designed to protect the rights of the charged, and further the cause of justice. However, in many cases this betterment of justice has been taken too far, and thus pleas such as Temporary insanity are born. Indeed, as will be proven, the insanity defense in itself has been stretched nearly to its breaking point. The insanity defense will be critically examined, here, and proven in some cases necessary while others have no right using the plea. The history of the insanity defense goes back as far as government. Yet as Thomas Maeder stated in his book Crime and Madness, the Origins and Evolutions of the Insanity Defense, surprisingly enough, Throughout most of history there have been no specific criteria for exculpatory insanity(3). In ancient Hebrew times, as Maeder notes, the law simply states that idiots, lunatics, and children below a given age are not to be held criminally responsible (3). Indeed, in Ancient Greek and Roman cultures, nothing has survived to show any adaption to this exception, save a part of Platos Laws (3). Platos Laws says that if a defendant is senile, a child or proven insane he should be responsible for no more than the payment of civil damages, Except that if he has killed someone and his hands are polluted by murder he must depart to a place in another country and live there in exile for a year (Maeder 3). Furthermore, there are scarce traces of early insanity cases, thus it is difficult to make generalizations about the defense, yet there have been some noted cases where the defendant was sentenced to life in prison (Maeder 4). By the fifteenth century...If the defendant had committed the act, they had to convict; if he was insane, or a minor, or had killed in self-defense, they could recommend mercy... (Maeder 5)....

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10 Interesting Sulfur Facts

10 Interesting Sulfur Facts Sulfur is element number 16 on the periodic table, with element symbol S and an atomic weight of 32.066. This common nonmetal occurs in food, many household products, and even your own body. Here are 10 interesting facts about sulfur. Sulfur is an essential element for life. Its found in amino acids (cysteine and methionine) and proteins. Sulfur compounds are why onions make you cry, why asparagus gives urine a weird odor, why garlic has a distinctive aroma, and why rotten eggs smell so horrible.Although many sulfur compounds have a strong smell, the pure element is actually odorless. Sulfur compounds also affect your sense of smell. For example, hydrogen sulfide (H2S, the culprit behind the rotten egg odor) actually deadens the sense of smell, so the odor is very strong at first and then vanishes. This is unfortunate, because hydrogen sulfide is a toxic and potentially deadly gas! Elemental sulfur is considered non-toxic.Mankind has known about sulfur since ancient times. The element, also known as brimstone, primarily comes from volcanoes. While most chemical elements only occur in compounds, sulfur is one of relatively few elements that occurs in pure form.At room temperature and pressure, sulfur is a yellow so lid. Its usually seen as a powder, but it forms crystals, too. One interesting feature of the crystals is that they spontaneously change shape according to temperature. All you need to do to observe the transition is melt sulfur, allow it to cool until it crystallizes, and observe the crystal shape over time. Were you surprised you could crystallize sulfur simply by cooling the melted powder? This is a common method of growing metal crystals. While sulfur is a nonmetal, like metals, it wont readily dissolve in water or other solvents (although it will dissolve in carbon disulfide). If you tried the crystal project, another surprise might have been the color of sulfur liquid when you heated the powder. Liquid sulfur can appear blood-red. Volcanoes that spew molten sulfur display another interesting feature of the element. It burns with a blue flame from the sulfur dioxide that is produced. Volcanoes with sulfur appear to run with blue lava.How you spell the name of element number 16 likely depends where and when you grew up. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) adopted the sulfur spelling in 1990, as did the Royal Society of Chemistry in 1992. Up to this point, the spelling was sulphur in Britain and in countries using the Roman languages. The original spelling was actually the Latin word sulfur, which was Hellenized to sulphur. Sulfur has many uses. Its a component of gunpowder and believed to have been used in the ancient flamethrower weapon called Greek Fire. Its a key component of sulfuric acid, which is used in labs and to make other chemicals. Its found in the antibiotic penicillin and is used for fumigation against diseases and pests. Sulfur is a component of fertilizers and also pharmaceuticals.Sulfur is created as part of the alpha process in massive stars. It is the 10th most abundant element in the universe. Its found in meteorites and on Earth mainly near volcanoes and hot springs. The abundance of the element is higher in the core than in the Earths crust. Its estimated there is enough sulfur on Earth to make two bodies the size of the Moon. Common minerals that contain sulfur include pyrite or fools gold (iron sulfide), cinnabar (mercury sulfide), galena (lead sulfide), and gypsum (calcium sulfate).Some organisms are able to use sulfur compounds as an energy source. An example are cave bacteria , which produce special stalactites called snottites that drip sulfuric acid. The acid is sufficiently concentrated that it can burn skin and eat holes through clothes if you stand beneath the minerals. Natural dissolution of minerals by the acid carves out new caves. Although people always knew about sulfur, it wasnt recognized as an element (except by alchemists, who also considered fire and earth elements). It was 1777 when Antoine Lavoisier provided convincing evidence the substance was indeed its own unique element, worthy of a place on the periodic table. The element has oxidation states ranging from -2 to 6, allowing it to form compounds with all of the other elements except the noble gases.

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Strategic Marketing-Forecast and Budget Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Strategic Marketing-Forecast and Budget - Essay Example The portable button will reduce cases of insecurity but the current challenge is to design. Product Development and Testing Hire expertise to develop product 45 Prototype development costs: 140 Labour 240 Materials 130 Subcontracting 210 Special Purpose Equipment 300 Miscellaneous 230 Fees for lab testing 212 Field Trial costs 125 Patent Application Fees 43 Legal Fees re IP 233 Additional marketing research activity 50 Development of technical manuals 65 Development of User training manuals 210 Packaging Design 65 Travel Costs 120 Staffing Costs 230 Update business plan 50 Search for Venture Capital 210 Other related costs: 250 The product marketing and promotion programs are not captured in the product development because they are under the marketing budget. These components are not part of the development process. The development of a gadget connecting security organization with the people demands that the bodies must understand how the system operates. The role of security organ i s to develop the necessary security structure support workability of the product. The success of the whole process depends on the ability to address pertinent issues affecting the product. The trial costs must be monitored because trials are very expensive to address or handle leading to serious challenge for the product development process. ... The product is an IT related programs that must be addressed in issues of communication and the issues of security of the communication practice Market Research & Technical Feasibility costs Product Management Training $100 Other HR training costs $100 Focus Group Costs $100 Brochure Development $145 Costs gathering market intelligence $350 Product mock-up costs $230 Staffing Costs $340 Consulting Costs (idea evaluation, marketing assistance) 210 Technical Review of Product Concept 120 Legal/Professional fees 120 End-user visits 230 Other related costs: 300 New product launch support services New product development and completion do not guarantee success of the product, unless the implementation process is undertaken in a way that will encourage the target market to try out the product. Several launching programs exist, but the company needs to engage in tactical launch of new products. During the process of planning of new product launch, support is required from the top management on the dates of launch, and the facilitation required, in the process to achieve success (Sandhusen, 2000, p. 34). In order to support the tactical and the strategic launch of products, market research must be conducted so as to determine the efficiency of the method chosen for the product launch. Market testing is vital throughout the new product development process. Market testing will allow the organization to finalize the planning process of the product launch. Additionally, the feedback collection process will be efficient if the customers are allowed to give their opinion during the product launch leading to the ease of product improvement in the process

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Cloud Computing Service Models Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Cloud Computing Service Models - Assignment Example Likewise, the services provided over the Internet are referred as (Software as a Service) ‘SaaS’. There are few sellers who use the term (Infrastructure as a service) ‘IaaS’ and (Platform as a service) ‘PaaS’ in order to demonstrate their products and services. However, these terms are avoided and not accepted globally, due to variation. The Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have illustrated some helpful definitions that focus on three concepts (Reese 2009): Cloud infrastructure as a service ‘IaaS’ consists of provisioning elementary computing resources. Cloud software as a service ‘SaaS’ access software application that operates on a cloud infrastructure. Cloud platform as a service (PaaS) provides the accessibility to users for implementing and developing applications with programming language and tools supported by the providers. The core components of a cloud consist of the data center hardware and software. When these resources are publicly available, they are referred as public clouds and the service provided by the cloud is called as utility computing. Moreover, private clouds are only available to private organizations and are not accessible by the public. Accordingly, cloud computing is the combination of ‘SaaS’ and utility computing (ARMBRUST, FOX et al. 2010). There are three service models for cloud computing i.e. infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and software as a service (Wilshusen 2011). Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is comprised of three components i.e. software, platform and infrastructure. Organizations only provide software and platform and infrastructure is provided by a third party cloud computing vendor. The second service models i.e. platform as a service (PaaS) also comprises of three components i.e. software, platform and infrastructure. Organizations only provide a software or application that will be executed on the third party or the vendor’s platform and infrastructure. The third service model also includes the similar three components as mentioned before and called as software as a service (SaaS). Organizations only utilize the services provided by the vendors in terms of applications that can be accessed by the Internet. All the three components i.e. software, platform and infrastructure are the property of the vendor (Wilshusen 2011). In figure 1.1, cloud deployment models are demonstrated Figure 1.1 (Retreived from :Wilshusen, G. C. (2011). INFORMATION SECURITY: Additional guidance needed to address cloud computing concerns. GAO Reports, , 1.) Cloud computing four service models are shown in Fig 1.2 Figure 1.2 (Retreived from :Wilshusen, G. C. (2011). INFORMATION SECURITY: Additional guidance needed to address cloud computing concerns. GAO Reports, , 1.) ‘Business Cloud’ must choose the relevant client model, as it will be proportional to t he business or customer requirements and may differ from organization to organization and business types. The first service model is called as the ‘Private Cloud’. A private cloud is solely a property of the organization i.e. software, platform and infrastructure is the property of the organization (Wilshusen 2011). The second service model is called as the community cloud that is accessible to several organizations that may be

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The film Madagascar 2 Essay Example for Free

The film Madagascar 2 Essay The film Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa is an excellent film filled with beautiful animation and great humor. The theme of the movies is more on friendship and how the characters manage to deal with one another despite the troubles along their way and the differences of their personalities. The film is highly recommended for viewers of all ages. It also depicts simple lessons in life but has great impact in everyday lives. The production of the film is really splendid. The way characters dances and jokes around gives viewer the chance to laugh their hearts out. It teaches viewers how to be grateful for simple things. The colors used in the film are really enticing especially for the young viewers. Adults also enjoy the movie because of the script and the added humor. The film centers on the four main characters struggle to go back to the New York Zoo from Madagascar but they accidentally landed on their homeland Africa. Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman find their own pieces of memory right on the very island which they have landed. They were able to see their families and had adventures of their own. It also shows how New Yorker animals survived the African jungle. Madagascar 2 is really a family film. It shows how to find one’s sense of individuality and how to battle against the problems that life is giving you. The music embedded on the film makes viewers more stuck into their seats as they see characters dancing and singing on screen. This sequel to the first Madagascar is more beautiful and more worthy of time, money and effort. References Darnell, Eric McGrath, Tom (2008). Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa. USA: DreamWorks Distribution Paramount Pictures Schembri, Jim (20 December 2008). Madagascar 2 Movie Review. The Age Website. Retrieved 21 January 2008 from http://www. theage. com. au/news/entertainment/film/film-reviews/madagascar-escape-2-africa/2008/12/18/1229189771014. html

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Great Ideas Project: Origin of Sex Essay -- DNA Biology Biological Pap

Great Ideas Project: Origin of Sex Sex, though usually used in terms of reproduction, is actually quite separate: it refers to the splitting and recombining of genetic material through the meiosis (fission) and fertilization (fusion) of genomes in such a way that, when they are reproduced, the new generation of cells contains a different set of genes than that of its parents. Sex is by no means necessary for reproduction. Asexual reproduction, or parthenogenesis, is actually about twice as efficient for population growth; there is thus a â€Å"two-fold cost† of sex in reproduction. There are many benefits to sex, however, that outweigh its inefficiency. Among these benefits are the opportunities for the repair of damaged DNA, the rapid recombination of genes to more readily adapt to changing environments, and the elimination of the accumulation of deleterious mutations from a population. It is easy to find benefits to sex; finding a theory for the origin of sex is not nearly as simple. There are many cont ested theories for what made organisms evolve in a pattern which is less efficient for population growth, but no sure-fire answers.[1] The predominant theory for the origin of sex has always been the benefits of DNA repair. In an asexual haploid cell, if both sides of a DNA strand were damaged—for instance, if the thymine and adenine erred and became unrecognizable—since the cell would have only one copy of the information, there would be no chance for the cell to repair the damage and the cell would either die or be able to pass on only grossly mutated genes. However, an asexual diploid cell and a sexual cell each contain an extra set of chromosomes providing the template to repair that damaged DNA strand. Using DNA r... ...rsity Press [2] Michod, Richard E. (1998). Origin of Sex for Error Repair. Theoretical Population Biology, 53, 60-74 [3] Mauro Santos, et. al. (2003) Origin of Sex Revisted. Origins of Life and Evolution of the Biosphere, 32, 405-432 [4] Dacks, Joel and Roger, Andrew J. â€Å"The First Sexual Lineage and the Relevance of Facultative Sex.† Journal of Molecular Evolution (1999), Issue 48 pg 779-783. [5] Leboeuf, Adrian. â€Å"UCSB Researchers Study Advantages of Sexual Reproduction† Daily Nexus, volume 82, issue #28 [6] Crow JF. â€Å"Advantages of Sexual Reproduction† PMID: 8062455 [7] Rothschild, Lynn J. â€Å"The Influence of UV Radiation on Protistan Evolution.† Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology (1999), Issue 46 no. 5 pg. 548-555. [8] Sterrer, Wolfgang. â€Å"On the Origin of Sex as Vaccination.† Journal of Theoretical Biology (2002), Issue 216 pg. 387-396.